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Stop Smoking Now,  continued..
We could go on listing all sorts of other reasons to stop smoking now. But you've heard them all before, you know what they are. Now it's time for you to decide to save your life and regain your health because you want to, and not because someone else is making the decision for you.

Be inspired and motivated by others, but stop because it's what you want - this is so important, because if deep down you don't want to stop for yourself, then there's no point doing it now, so wait until you are really ready. Whether it's now or later, Hypnotherapy can and will help you stop smoking now.

One thing that is known, for a fact, is that 70% of smokers actually do  want to stop smoking now! Perhaps you're one of those who desperately want to stop smoking, and have maybe even tried several different methods before trying hypnosis. However long you've been smoking, you have the power and resources to conquer it. All of the power and strength you need to change the way you feel inside, and more importantly to change your attitude to smoking & your health are all inside you.

Congratulations - your desire to take control of your mind and your health has started you on the path to make the changes you want. This is so important, because, as you will learn, hypnotherapy cannot make you do anything, but it will  empower you  to change, help you find your inner resources, and help you to rid yourself of the problem, safely, naturally, and effectively.

The 30 Day Programme - What's Involved?

The Stop Smoking Now programme involves a single Hypnotherapy session - either a private one-to-one session, as a couple, or with a small group, lasting approximately 2-2 hours. About 1 hour of that time is spent using hypnosis applying the suggestions designed to help you quit smoking. You are then given a 45 minute CD that you must commit to listening to everyday for 30 days, which contains additional positive suggestions to help you stop smoking. Simple and effective.

I offer No Guarantees for this treatment as a need for client motivation and willpower is a part of the treatment. The client must be sure that they are indeed ready to be a non smoker for the treatment to be successful - to put it bluntly, you are as responsible for the outcome as I am; we both have a part to play.

Your investment in your health:

Stop Smoking Now!  one-to-one session: £200
Stop Smoking Now!  couples joint session: £300
Stop Smoking Now!  group sessions: £125 per person (min 4 people)
If you smoke 20 cigarettes per day,
that's a return on your investment of more than £4,000.00 over 12 months based on a cost of £11.60 per pack!

Just imagine what you could do with an extra £4,000 per year... holidays, new car, new clothes, that expensive bag you want or those shoes and other treats; even money towards a deposit on a house...

A 50% deposit for all Smoking Cessation sessions is required at the time of booking.

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