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Testimonials continued...
'I haven’t smoked since 6th October 2004; it’s certainly worked for me! Thank you.’

Mary-Ellen G, Boston

Dear John,

Since the last time I saw you I have been able to get much better nights sleep than I used to and I have been able to use the techniques you taught me to avoid letting the various pressures in my life keep me continually tense. The effects of this newfound calmness are wonderful.  Thank you very much for all your help.

Peter E, Spalding. (Generalised Anxiety Disorder)

‘From the moment I got in the back of the car all my nerves and fears disappeared. There seemed plenty of room and air around and I was fine all the way to London. We went on the underground, another of my fears, but I coped fine. I would like to say a big thank you John for your help. Next is flying, it hasn’t arisen yet, and I’m sure I’ll be okay when the time comes.’

Susan M, Ruskington (Claustrophobia)

‘I visited John Brett with a little scepticism as I believed the problems I had were too deep rooted in my personality for him to be able to help. After my sessions with John, I felt extremely relaxed and found that my problems could be overcome with a new found confidence and inner belief’

GB, Sleaford (Panic Attacks / Low Confidence & Self-esteem)

‘I had always thought of myself as the classic no-hoper in terms of giving up my addiction to cigarette smoking. Aged 58yrs, too old to change, smoked since I was 8yrs old as a lad in Liverpool, a habit too deeply rooted in my psyche, and whilst acutely aware of all of the strong social pressures to stop, basically could not care less about any of them. The sadness was, I was smoking 60 a day at a cost of £5500 a year, but I could afford it, so what?

At the back of my mind I hated all these things. I hated taking all the family out for a meal and dragging them all, including the grandchildren, into the smoking area so I could smoke whilst I read the menu, smoke whilst I waited for the starter, smoke between the starter and the main course, smoke before the dessert, and smoke God knows how many over coffee. I hated seeing people recoil as I noticed them getting a whiff of my breath and clothing. I hated seeing the look of sheer distaste on people’s faces as they came into my house and absorbed the years of cigarette pollution embedded in the very fabric of our home. I hated having to ask people if they objected to me smoking, and having to conceal my annoyance as I left the room when they did object.

I had tried twice before to give it up, but never got past 3 months when I couldn’t bear the deprivation any longer. It was agonising for me. I really wanted to give it up, but frankly, I couldn’t. I went to see John Brett in a hopeful but not optimistic frame of mind. I knew little about the science of Hypnotherapy and was somewhat cynical, but what the hell, the session was going to cost less than I spent on cigarettes in a week. It was nothing like I had anticipated. I didn’t fall into a deep trance, I just felt a little sleepy, a nice feeling. John spoke to me quietly about cigarette smoking, raised all the issues I disliked about the habit. He helped me understand how I could stop, he gave me advice as to how I could find the willpower and he suggested techniques to supplement my willpower.

It is now over 14 months later and I haven’t smoked since. I still get the urge now and then, but it passes quickly. Thank you John, and a much bigger thank you from my family.

Ray N, Sleaford

‘Thank you very much for helping me with my problem’

Bert B, Skegness (Erectile Dysfunction)

Dear John,

I do not know how to thank you. I came to you with some very deep-seated problems and they have now gone or greatly diminished. I had been feeling great unhappiness about my parents, both of whom died many years ago and my difficulties seemed to be increasing not lessening. It was a daily distress to me and I seemed to be shut off from any happy and positive feelings and memories about them. Now you have let me out of that dark closed room into spring sunshine and my negative thoughts have virtually stopped. At last I can remember happy times, I am having very happy dreams about them, hearing their laughter, thinking of them when they were well and young.

My other and probably related problem was insomnia. I had slept very poorly for all my adult life. Now with your help, most nights are good and recently I slept right through the night for the first time in 30 years.  And how have you brought about these miracles – because that is how they seem to me? I feel it is the way you have focused on my individual needs. Nothing feels off-the-peg in what you do or suggest. You have listened so generously, responded to what I have told you, seen what my needs are and then used or suggested creative and flexible strategies until you found the right ones for me.   You are the complete professional – thorough and careful in the way you handle the sessions and so shrewd in your analyses but always so easy, pleasant and sensitive in your approach to me.

I will always be in your debt John. Thank you.

Jill P, Spilsby


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